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Cutting yourself: A Teacher helps a student cut

Are you cutting yourself? You are not alone and some adults really have no answers or even a clue as to why a cutter cuts.  In a story out of England it was officially reported that a teacher administered blades to special education students that were self-harming. The reason cited was the fact that the teacher thought it would be better if you student harmed in a controlled supervised environment, the teacher has been suspended.


No Answers

What the teacher did exposed a dilemma; the teacher “could not help” the student who had the urge to self-harm, giving the blade was the only solution she could come up with.  The supervised self harm apparently occurred regularly with different teachers and students.  Teachers were ordered to wait outside the bathroom while the child was inside, checking on them every two minutes, before the wounds were dressed and cleaned by staff. A spokesman for the Priory Group, responsible for running the school said ‘We are always willing to review cases with the Teaching Agency. “This was a short-term, local procedure introduced by the head teacher and school principal who genuinely believed it was in the best interests of the pupil”

 So….the teacher felt that cutting yourself was in the best interest of the student?  There are so many doctors, parents and teachers who are simply clueless as to why people self-harm, I guess it is because many of them have never walked in the shoes of the person who self-harms. There is no one who is jumping for joy at the fact that they cut, giving a blade is a cop out. It is in fact the stress from others that have caused most of the problems that lead to self-harm.  Being a cutter is not “cool” and it is not fun, it is a solution to a situation, but it is a bad solution.  See here Help Cutting Myself





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