Cutting Yourself

Real Self Harm Cutting help from someone who has been there.

Hello, I Cut Myself

I Cut myself, I am not proud of it and I do it because it is what I need to do. Is it for attention? yes but not in the way that you think? Am I crying out for help? Yes but not in the way that you think. There are many reasons why I do what I do, it comes from pain, yes pain. When we are honest we can all admit that we all have pain, this is something a lot of people are still not comfortable admitting. I am not better or worst than you, I Cut myself. Maybe I am more honest than you are? Maybe you cut by living a lie or by going to a job you hate, it may not be a blade but it still cuts you because you hate your job.


Depression and Dissatisfaction is the story of our lives, we hide it by watching American idol or some other silly show where people want to be famous. Look at me and make me famous, like me and make me famous. I can sing, I really can! We are really all living in dissatisfaction but some hide it better than others. We can hide it with a smile or a joke but who really knows how we feel. They say I am depressed, damn right I am depressed and so are many who work 9 to 5 and get drunk to make it through another day, is it wrong what I do? Yes, I Cut myself

I don’t plan to be a cutter forever and I really don’t label myself a cutter. I do the act and I am not proud. I don’t do it with a smile on my face , it is not my favorite part of my week. Would I like to stop, of course but it is not so easy. My world is complicated but I can hope it will get better, what can I say, I do what I do but one day I believe I will be O.K.

One day there will be no need for a blade, I am just trying to make it through a another day. Hello, I cut Myself

Is it an addiction? maybe so says a therapist here ย Cutting Addiction

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