Cutting Yourself

Real Self Harm Cutting help from someone who has been there.

I am depressed and cutting myself

I’m Depressed and cutting myself, this is the condition that I use to be in, I understand a little better now but before I was a bit lost. If you are in a

similar situation the best thing I can say is not to give up. The road is not an easy one at all, if you feel the urge to cut I can understand completely. It is important to know that you are not alone, there are millions of people in the very same condition as you are reading this. I’m depressed and cutting myself, it is a predicament that many find themselves in.

Just because I have stopped self harming does not make me better than you, I understand the pressure and the draw to get the blade and do the act. The numbers of people doing this is rising at a very alarming rate, this is also very scary. An advocate Sue Minto who works with teens sppoke about the rise in harming

"Self-harm and suicide are growing areas of concern for us. It seems the pressures facing children and young people - particularly girls - are increasing at such a rate that some of them see these drastic measures as the only answer to their problems," said Ms Minto.

โ€œI’m depressed and cutting myselfโ€ Something is just not right, there are so many who are seeking a solution to a pressure but cannot find the answer, it is like being bottled up and you cannot get out. Parents may not really understand what it is like.

It is not only the girls who are harming but the girls are starting out younger and younger. 10 year old girls harming? It is the new reality but so many don’t know what to do about it. It is really scary when you think about it, you are pushed against a wall and then comes a tremendous amount of pressure…I am depressed and I am cutting myself ..Pressure

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