Cutting Yourself

Real Self Harm Cutting help from someone who has been there.

I know it is wrong but I am still cutting myself

I have been there “ I am still cutting myself” I know there are many faced with the very same situation, This is a position that I have been in, self harm is both simple and complicated. For the person involved it can be an addiction, it can be the way to handle a certain situation. Maybe you have tried to stop with no success or maybe you stopped and then came back to self harm. I am still cutting myself and I know that it is wrong, this was a situation that I was very familiar with, when you are in the situation you are kind of trapped

The simplicity of self harm should not hid the fact that it is a complex situation. Stress,parents,friends, pain,pressure, drugs. music? What is the root cause of the harm? I am no longer against medication, they have and can help many people. There are cutters who simply need their Meds.

I do not feel that medications or drugs (they are drugs) should be the last step in the cutters life in terms of getting better. Have you been there? I know it is wrong but I am still cutting myself, Meds can help but it is not the only road to overcoming harming yourself.

Emotions, pain,stress,hurt..these are some of the words that are very familiar to a person self harming. We can look and search but it always comes back to pain, hurt,betrayal, sadness, stress,emotions. These are heavy issues and they produce thoughts of harming. Can you make it, yes you can. If you are “still” harming it means that you have done it more than once. The road that leads to self harm can be long but the road still leads to pain. I don’t want to be a “still” harmer. SEE HERE Still cutting myself

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