Cutting Yourself

Real Self Harm Cutting help from someone who has been there.

Cutting yourself: A Teacher helps a student cut

Are you cutting yourself? You are not alone and some adults really have no answers or even a clue as to why a cutter cuts.  In a story out of England it was officially reported that a teacher administered blades to special education students that were self-harming. The reason cited was the fact that the teacher thought it would be better if you student harmed in a controlled supervised environment, the teacher has been suspended.


No Answers

What the teacher did exposed a dilemma; the teacher “could not help” the student who had the urge to self-harm, giving the blade was the only solution she could come up with.  The supervised self harm apparently occurred regularly with different teachers and students.  Teachers were ordered to wait outside the bathroom while the child was inside, checking on them every two minutes, before the wounds were dressed and cleaned by staff. A spokesman for the Priory Group, responsible for running the school said ‘We are always willing to review cases with the Teaching Agency. “This was a short-term, local procedure introduced by the head teacher and school principal who genuinely believed it was in the best interests of the pupil”

 So….the teacher felt that cutting yourself was in the best interest of the student?  There are so many doctors, parents and teachers who are simply clueless as to why people self-harm, I guess it is because many of them have never walked in the shoes of the person who self-harms. There is no one who is jumping for joy at the fact that they cut, giving a blade is a cop out. It is in fact the stress from others that have caused most of the problems that lead to self-harm.  Being a cutter is not “cool” and it is not fun, it is a solution to a situation, but it is a bad solution.  See here Help Cutting Myself





Hello, I Cut Myself

I Cut myself, I am not proud of it and I do it because it is what I need to do. Is it for attention? yes but not in the way that you think? Am I crying out for help? Yes but not in the way that you think. There are many reasons why I do what I do, it comes from pain, yes pain. When we are honest we can all admit that we all have pain, this is something a lot of people are still not comfortable admitting. I am not better or worst than you, I Cut myself. Maybe I am more honest than you are? Maybe you cut by living a lie or by going to a job you hate, it may not be a blade but it still cuts you because you hate your job.


Depression and Dissatisfaction is the story of our lives, we hide it by watching American idol or some other silly show where people want to be famous. Look at me and make me famous, like me and make me famous. I can sing, I really can! We are really all living in dissatisfaction but some hide it better than others. We can hide it with a smile or a joke but who really knows how we feel. They say I am depressed, damn right I am depressed and so are many who work 9 to 5 and get drunk to make it through another day, is it wrong what I do? Yes, I Cut myself

I don’t plan to be a cutter forever and I really don’t label myself a cutter. I do the act and I am not proud. I don’t do it with a smile on my face , it is not my favorite part of my week. Would I like to stop, of course but it is not so easy. My world is complicated but I can hope it will get better, what can I say, I do what I do but one day I believe I will be O.K.

One day there will be no need for a blade, I am just trying to make it through a another day. Hello, I cut Myself

Is it an addiction? maybe so says a therapist here  Cutting Addiction

Cyber bullying and cutting Myself… what parents do not understand

The case of a 17 year old girl did not get much publicity but bullying lead to her self harming. We will call her “Mary”, she was a typical teen girl who was quite good looking, the story turns ugly because girls in her school were jealous and started a rumor that Mary was sleeping with another girl’s boyfriend, this lead to physical confrontations and being jumped(She was attacked by 5 girls) . A diary from one of the the bullies later revealed that the story was all a hoax,Mary never slept with anyone, jealousy over how attractive boys found “Mary” made her the target of the other girls. .Cyber bullying and self harm incidents are increasing worldwide, the internet and cellphones are becoming horrible tools of bullies.

When rumors are too much to handle

There was a fake picture of a girl having oral intercourse and the picture was spread on cellphones by the students at Mary’s school, many believed it was Mary doing these acts but it was a set up, the pictures were then sent to adult websites using Mary’s name. Many teenagers today have incredible communications skills(cellphones, social networks and internet) but they lack the morality and respect that these tools require. Mary asked her parents to transfer her to another school but they ignored her request, Mary never told the parents what was going on at the school, after a year of deep depression and more near fights in school Mary started cutting herself, self harming was her only outlet. With no real friends Mary started turning on herself. Cyber Bullying is when someone  uses electronics such as a cellphone to abuse another person, new Federal laws will now put these bullies in Jail.

The danger of cellphones and the computers in the wrong hands

The life of a teenager is largely hidden from adults, today teens are starting fights at school and uploading it to Youtube and Facebook , these videos often get 100’s of thousands of views on the internet. . The young people post their fights and bullying on Youtube as bragging rights. Mary, lived a year of hell at her school, she took the pain out on herself by self harming, cyber bullying is increasing and parents are largely in the dark about the problem, teachers are also clueless to the problem. Mary has been transferred to a different school and is still dealing with self harm issues as she recovers from a year in school hell, she is only one of thousands who are dealing with this today. Are you being bulied? Are you self harming? 

***The Red Report Self Harm has been distributed to thousands of young people in over 10 countries showing them how to stop self harming***

See here Stop Cutting Myself 

I am depressed and cutting myself

I’m Depressed and cutting myself, this is the condition that I use to be in, I understand a little better now but before I was a bit lost. If you are in a

similar situation the best thing I can say is not to give up. The road is not an easy one at all, if you feel the urge to cut I can understand completely. It is important to know that you are not alone, there are millions of people in the very same condition as you are reading this. I’m depressed and cutting myself, it is a predicament that many find themselves in.

Just because I have stopped self harming does not make me better than you, I understand the pressure and the draw to get the blade and do the act. The numbers of people doing this is rising at a very alarming rate, this is also very scary. An advocate Sue Minto who works with teens sppoke about the rise in harming

"Self-harm and suicide are growing areas of concern for us. It seems the pressures facing children and young people - particularly girls - are increasing at such a rate that some of them see these drastic measures as the only answer to their problems," said Ms Minto.

“I’m depressed and cutting myself” Something is just not right, there are so many who are seeking a solution to a pressure but cannot find the answer, it is like being bottled up and you cannot get out. Parents may not really understand what it is like.

It is not only the girls who are harming but the girls are starting out younger and younger. 10 year old girls harming? It is the new reality but so many don’t know what to do about it. It is really scary when you think about it, you are pushed against a wall and then comes a tremendous amount of pressure…I am depressed and I am cutting myself ..Pressure

I know it is wrong but I am still cutting myself

I have been there “ I am still cutting myself” I know there are many faced with the very same situation, This is a position that I have been in, self harm is both simple and complicated. For the person involved it can be an addiction, it can be the way to handle a certain situation. Maybe you have tried to stop with no success or maybe you stopped and then came back to self harm. I am still cutting myself and I know that it is wrong, this was a situation that I was very familiar with, when you are in the situation you are kind of trapped

The simplicity of self harm should not hid the fact that it is a complex situation. Stress,parents,friends, pain,pressure, drugs. music? What is the root cause of the harm? I am no longer against medication, they have and can help many people. There are cutters who simply need their Meds.

I do not feel that medications or drugs (they are drugs) should be the last step in the cutters life in terms of getting better. Have you been there? I know it is wrong but I am still cutting myself, Meds can help but it is not the only road to overcoming harming yourself.

Emotions, pain,stress,hurt..these are some of the words that are very familiar to a person self harming. We can look and search but it always comes back to pain, hurt,betrayal, sadness, stress,emotions. These are heavy issues and they produce thoughts of harming. Can you make it, yes you can. If you are “still” harming it means that you have done it more than once. The road that leads to self harm can be long but the road still leads to pain. I don’t want to be a “still” harmer. SEE HERE Still cutting myself


matches, a blade, and some pills… what a lovely night.

Sadly, it will not be a lovely night, I have been there